Preschool Classes

"Joy, feeling one's own value, being appreciated and loved by others, feeling useful and capable of production are all factors of enormous value for the human soul.  - Maria Montessori

  We use a child-centered and teacher-guided approach to learning that provides social skill development, outdoor play & exploration.  Themes are introduced each month to guide children in exploring a new topic. In addition, students are invited to play and explore through art, STEM activities, sensory stations, the outdoor kitchen, and our multiple imagination stations.  We use the Second Step social emotional curriculum to teach skills for learning, empathy, emotion management, forming friendships, and problem solving.

Sample Daily Schedule

9am Welcome activity & sign-in
9-9:40 Morning Center Choice
9:40-10am  Movement & Morning Circle
10-11:15am Snack & Outdoor Play
11:15-11:30 Social Emotional Learning
11:30-12pm Group Activity (art, garden, science)
12pm-12:50 Lunch & Outdoor Play
12:50-1pm Outside Clean-Up & Dismissal



The Explorer class is structured for our younger learners (2½-3½) who are new to a preschool setting.  We will learn how to participate in a group, share with others, express our feelings, listen to stories, hold classroom jobs, feed the chickens, and help our garden grow.  Children are introduced to letters and numbers and work on identifying the letters in their name. 

Tuesday & Thursday 9a-1p


The Voyager class is structured for our older learners (3½-5) who have prior preschool experience.  We will build upon the skills introduced in our Explorers class while enhancing our friendship and problem-solving skills.  Children will also be challenged with more frequent STEM activities and garden projects while building knowledge of letter sounds and pre-writing skills.

Monday, Wednesday, & Friday 9a-1p


Mountaineers will be able to benefit from the learning in both classes and participate in a multi-age setting.  The younger children will be guided by their older peers and older children will build skills and confidence by helping others.  Mountaineers will help synthesize all of our learning as a school, open to children 3½-5.

Monday-Friday 9a-1p