Our Story

Noah and Jen Hill met in a neighborhood coffee shop in 2011 and married in 2013.  Over the past eight years, they have traveled around the country, formed their own bluegrass band, had two amazing children and even attempted long distance RV traveling with toddlers. However, no other adventure has quite compared to taking a leap of faith, moving  to a new home, and fulfilling their dream of having their own preschool.  Their appreciation of the outdoors, coupled with Jen’s love of teaching and Noah’s passion for music were the inspiration behind starting a school for their own children and the community.  The rural property they found on the outskirts of Eugene gave their family the opportunity to explore the outdoors while nurturing compassion through gardening and caring for animals. It also gave them the space to bring their vision of a farming preschool to one of their favorite communities. With Jen’s experience in education and Noah’s many other talents, they designed a school and curriculum that fulfills that vision. The Little Mountain Preschool will open its doors to children ages 3-5 in the summer of 2019, with the two little Hills joining the very first class.  


Jen Hill

 I have been devoted to working with children and their families for over 15 years. I have a Masters of Arts in Education from Lewis & Clark College and I’m an Oregon and California state certified teacher.  I began working with children through outdoor education, and nature continues to be my favorite classroom.  I have worked with students from preschool to high school, and I believe that developing a love of learning through play and exploration is the most important thing we can do for young children. I am so grateful I can bring my experience and passion for education to my own children and to yours.

Noah Hill

My background is a mixture of  music, engineering, and finance, which has helped me develop a variety of skills and  experiences from which to draw fresh ideas.  While Jen handles the indoor classroom curriculum, my job is to help children explore the outdoors.  We will work in the outdoor kitchen, feed the animals and work in the garden.  I am also the businessman, maintenance crew, and resident musician for the school.  I bring my guitar into class on a regular basis to help our students develop a love and appreciation of music.   Jen and I make the perfect team.